exe file extention recovery

Hello all.
My problem is i accidently deleted my file association for the *.exe and most of my files will not run. the open with box comes up and anything i select just brings me back to the open with box. i tried the shell.inf install and was going to try the tweakui file but i can't get it to open. Can someone please HELP!!

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LermitteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use scanreg.exe /fix

Hi Lopezr,

I'd suggest to try a fix via the registry editor:

Go to Windows directory and find regedit.exe, run it

My Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.exe

In the .exe registry, you should have:

(Standard)      "exefile"
Content Type    "application/x-msdownload"

Now try to run some and see what help it does.

Good Luck,

If he deleted the EXE association Regedit.exe probably won't run.
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Well joed, probably not. Maybe it will, as he states that 'most of his files' don't run. I simply did not think about the obvious problems he could have.

Hopefully something brought up here will work,



lopezrAuthor Commented:
i tried everything everyone suggested and to a point some things worked. I still get errors for the applications.  I can't remove/edit the file association for applications. Can someone tell me how to do this. I'm positive this is the problem.
after i did the regedit that calacuccia recommended my regedit doesn't work in windows.

i appreciate all the help.
lopezrAuthor Commented:
i renamed my system.dat and user.dat files, restarted windows and i got back the use of regedit, but no luck with the anything else.
in file types box for application
type:                   application
content type:        application/x-msdownload
default extension:  dll

should there be something in actions??
lopezrAuthor Commented:
I USED THE SCANREG /RESTORE command in ms-dos and selected a file with a date prior to my days of trouble, everything was back up and running.

I would like to thank you all for your help.
You should accept the comment made by Lermitte
Date: Sunday, January 09 2000 - 08:52AM EST  as the answer since in all fairness this is what he suggested and you said it worked, right???
Could someone just send you a registry file that you run and it writes information to the registry
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