making boot floppy by using an empty ?

I have a system in which I have installed linux first and then windows 98 using partitions.Now i cannot enter the linux since there is no lilo boot.So I will have to make a boot floppy(bf).How to make bf when root of another system
containing linux is known and after entering into linux then  how to configure the lilo boot and  configure
linux single with passwd ???
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tknayakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can enter into  linux from this machine only ..
In ur C drive put these 2 files from ur distribution CD ..

loadlin.exe is in dosutils directory of the dist CD and vmlinuz is in dosutils/autoboot directory ..
then go to command prompt in MSDOS mode
and type
loadlin.exe vmlinuz root=/dev/hdax
where x is ur linux root partition ..
and then login as root and
add the windows partition info in ur /etc/lilo.conf file as


where y is ur dos partition number ..
then run /sbin/lilo
things should work ..
boot into linux, then create a /etc/lilo.conf
please refer to LILO howto (or similar), 'cause it has to much options to explain here
then test your lilo.conf file with: lilo -t
if it is ok, install it using: lilo
I've found that the best boot disks are slackware's.  What you do is D/L RAWRITE.EXE and bare.i from  Boot to Windows, open a command prompt, then type:
"rawrite bare.i a:"
This will create a boot floppy.
After the O/S load there will be a promp, Type:
"mount /dev/hda(1 or 2 or 3)"
(It's probably 2.)
Type "boot" (I think)
The slackware disk will autofind your linux kernel and boot to LINUX!!!
Then you do the Lilo.conf thingy.  You will no longer need the boot disk.
When you run lilo, make sure you enter
"lilo -c"  This make lilo use the lilo.conf file.
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