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I was wondering how I can change the install program (ie. not installing vb but the program that will write installation files *including runtimes* for your app) included with vb5 to add entries to the registry based on user input (ie. where the database files will be installed to).
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mcriderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a directory on your VB5 CD called \VB\SETUPKIT\SETUP1.

In that directory is a setup1 project.  Copy this directory and then load the project an modify it.

It's documented pretty well... for microsoft ;-)

After you make the setup1.exe, you will need to compress it using the compress.exe command.  This will create a setup1.ex_ file.  Replace the setup1.ex_ that the install wizard creates with your setup.ex_ and you're done!

AikemaAuthor Commented:
So it doesn't matter what the name of the setup file is then? ...ie setup1.exe or setup.exe?
Yes, it DOES matter!

SETUP.EXE is the program that enables the runtime environment.  It is provided by microsoft and should not be changed or overwritten.  Once the runtime environment is created, it uncompresses SETUP1.EX_ to SETUP1.EXE and executes it.  This is the program you change.

AikemaAuthor Commented:
that wasn't quite what what i meant...
> Replace the setup1.ex_ that the install wizard creates with
> your setup.ex_ and you're done!
was that a booboo (ie. a missing '1' in setup.ex_ ....i guess i was a lil' unclear about the comment.
When you run the Application Wizard to create a setup for your program, along with all the files needed for your program, the wizard will add two files to the directory where the installation files are created:


SETUP.EXE is the "launcher" program that provides a VB runtime environment without VBRUNxxx.DLL installed.

SETUP1.EX_ is a microsoft compressed VB program that actually performs the installation. The source for this program is on the VB5 CD in a directory called \VB\SETUPKIT\SETUP1.

When you run SETUP.EXE, it provides the VB runtime environment, it uncompresses SETUP1.EX_ and executes it.

If you want to change the way setup works, you need to:

1) Create a standard setup using the Application Wizard.  Remember where the wizard creates the files...

2) Edit the SETUPKIT\SETUP1 source and compile it. You will get a new SETUP1.EXE.

3) Using a dos window, go to the directory where the new SETUP1.EXE is located and type:


4) Copy the SETUP1.EX_ file created in step #3 over the SETUP1.EX_ file the Application Wizard created in step #1

You're done! Test your new setup program.


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