socket 7 and sd ram

i have in my computer currently a double sided dim of 32mb which works fine.  i have just purchased a new dim which is single sided ram.  my original ram worked fine.  if i try to add the new bit of ram in dim 1 slot the system does not recognise that it is there, it only recognises the dim that is in slot 2.  the new ram that i have bought does work in dim 2 on its own.  so there is nothing wrong with the hardware  but when i mix the two the sytem will not regognise which ever one i put in slot 1.
is socket 7 selective on ram
do you know how to overcome this.
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Are they the same speed?

PCI SDRAM comes in 66MHz, 100MHz, and I believe 133MHZ types.  Mixing the types may or may not work depending on the motherboard.
How many pin ram are you using 72 or 168?
I don't believe you can mix simms and dimms.
Also how many Ram slots do you have?

i have this in my system and it does work, i did notice that when i put it in at first it did not work,  but after i made sure that they were both in it loaded up fine.  but someone did forget to put the harddrive back in properly but i knew how to fix that problem


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michaeldiAuthor Commented:
ok stbealeh thanks....
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