Getting visitors screen resolution

I would like to be able to get the visitors screen resolution when he/she runs my CGI-script and then do various things depending on the results. Can this be done in some way?
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as screen resolution & colour depth aren't given to CGI scripts as parameters, the only way I know of is to have some Javascript on the web page which detects the screen resolution and calls the CGI with different parameters depending on the result.

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That's true, and even that only works if the user has JavaScript enabled AND has a browser that gives the information out.
fork() is what you need.  It will create a copy of the running process and return the pid of that new process.  So, you form four copies of yourself and have them do the work, or even do a system() to do the work.  Then you can check for the pid status as you want.
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dedsiAuthor Commented:

I dont really understand your answer. Can you please explain a little bit more in detail what I should do to be able to get the visitors screen resolution using this fork()?
Ignore my answer.  EE has messed up.  I had posted this answer to a completely different question.  Sorry!
dedsiAuthor Commented:
If you wanted to save yourself the hassle of figuring out how to do this, you could install a HitBox counter ( and look for "Get a Hitbox") on your page. Sure you have to display a graphic, but for the "inconvenience" you get not only screen resolutions but a whole lot of other useful traffic information as well.
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