Form or Dialog ...

Just curious (beginner)....
What is the difference between
a classic Form and form used to display
a dialog?
Is it the same thing if I used a classic
form and shaped it in a form of dialog
instead of using Delphi dialogs?
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the delphi dialogs are for when for instance you want a user to select a file ,you would use a topendialog
and call on a button click event opendialog1.execute and the selected filename would be held in opendialog1 filename for you to use in your code somewhere.

as for creating a dialog form just make a normal form and sets it formstyle in object inspector to fsdialog.
Regards Barry
Hi young man,
   The OpenDialog is a Form too,
but you can't change it's look.
And it is made especially for Opening Files.
   You can use an empty standard form
to make your own Dialog, by changing
it's FormStyle property to fsDialog.
   In other words you can make a Dialog
from any Form or just use standard Dialogs if you want just to Open, Save
Files    etc.
   So think of a Dialog as just a Form
with some special adjustments.
         Alexander Hristov
         email :

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Inthe, Barry Well done for getting to 2nd place..... but just to add why do most diallog boxes handles start with.... #32770 whats that got to do with dialogs?

P.S i would like to see what questions you have ever asked, but theres that damn many it crashes my machine everytime i try to look :)

Craig C.
yes know what ya mean about #32770
it may be some standard for dialogs maybe derived from the forms style (i mean the flags that are set internally) though im not sure.

its annoying that the paq questions are so long and not split onto a couple o pages specially if im looking for code from an old question :-) takes ages to load ..
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