odbc bde creating aliases etc

probably a stupid question but anyway
if i create an entry in odbc congfig to msaccess database ,why can i then go to bdeadmin and create new odbc entry linked to the enrty i made in odbc config.
in delphi then under databases i have mylink and mylink1

actually i was trying to document the ways of connecting to access2k via odbc etc to post on my website later as many people are always requesting this stuff.. and found this strange thing.
maybe its not strange im just missing something simple i guess as i never use these things before.usually use diamond access its much simpler.

i created the odbc link ,then the bde one and noticed  had the 2 new entrys in delphi so i deleted the mylink1 and used mylink and it seemed to be fine.
does it mean
 mylink1 uses bde and
 mylink uses odbc ?
what is difference in these(i hear is slow?)
comment please i want to understand this stuff.
50 points to start with maybe more later ;)
cheers Barry

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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi friends,

well tested now

the remarks
to odbc:
nothing to comment
to bde:
no need to do something here
to delphi:
for better transparency, who use the myAccess-definition, i would prefer following changes:

7:  database1 databasename : MyAccessDB //a free given name
8:  database1 loginprompt : false
9:  table1 databasename : MyAccessDB  //is selectable

but thats not a must

raymond, we will see, how long you are on place one, because barry has an agreement with the borgs and is assimilating everything ;-)

hi barry,

i guess there is no difference, because the bde collects also the odbc-definitions and make this transparent to the application.

in both cases you work with the odbc-driver through the bde.
(that are just different alias names, which points to the same definition (driver))

intheAuthor Commented:
was hopeing you'd see this q ;-)

this is the doc i was making when i finished when realised this ,therfore the bde stuff:
tell eme what you think.anything i should delete / add ?

** How to access msaccess database via odbc without annoying login prompt **


1:   Open Control Panel, and then select ODBC DataSources (32bit) .
2:   When the Data Source Administrator appears, Click Add.
3:   find the one that says  Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
     click it and click finish.
4:   A dialog will popup called ODBC Microsoft Access Setup
5:   in "data source name" edit box well call it "MyAccess"
6:   description well say is "tesing msaccess connection".
7:   click select and find your .mdb file click ok to select it.
8:   click "advanced" and make sure login name and password are blank.
9:   close advanced.
10:  close microsoft access setup dialog
11:  close the  Data Source Administrator.

{ok maybe dont need these bde settings.}


   1:  open bde administrator and click configuration tab
   2:  expand the drivers treeview and right click on "odbc" and
       select "new"
   3:  for Driver Name type : My Access Connection
   4:  for ODBC Driver Name : select "MicroSoft Access Driver (*.mdb)"
   5:  for Select datasource to create connection : Select "MyAccess"
   6:  Click ok and close bde administrator.


1:  start or restart delphi if its already running.
2:  start a new project
3:  drop a ttable,tdbgrid,tdatasource,tdatabase on form.

    in object inspector:

4:  datasource1 dataset : table1
5:  dbgrid datasource   : datasource1
6:  database1 aliasname : MyAccess  
7:  database1 databasename : MyAccess
8:  database1 loginprompt : false
9:  table1 databasename : MyAccess
10: table1 tablename : select a table
11: database1 connected : true
12: table1 active : true

and viola table should appear with no login prompt ,at least this method works for me everytime and i only discovered it today :-)
set loginprompt to true and you get the prompt or set to
false and get no prompt.
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hi barry,

well, i can't evaluate your steps at the moment
(no access 2k on my homepc)

if you want i can do the steps at monday (hu, thats tomorrow,
my vacation is on the end) at work for verifying,
but i'm sure it works also by me, without any touch to the bde-admin.

tell you more tomorrow

intheAuthor Commented:
ok thanks

PS: Congrats Barry on gaining 2nd place! 1st is still mine..., though for how much longer I don't know :-)

Here's to the race for 200k points!


intheAuthor Commented:
hehe darn you found my scheme :-)
intheAuthor Commented:
 thanks mate :-)
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