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I'm still having problems with the deleted netscape files.
I tried scanning some photos onto my computer,now I get a message that tells me I need netscape.exe to view these.They're all scanned and exported as jpeg files.... Can any one help?
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Cryptic1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The system recognises specific applications associated with each file extension (i.e.  *.jpg)  Right now netscape is registered as your associated application for viewing jpg files.  There are two easy ways to correct this problem that do not involve registry or ini file edits:  1) Install a graphics program such as a graphics viewer or Adobe photoshop.  This will create a new associated application capable of viewing your jpg files. 2) Follow this procedure to change your file associations in windows explorer:
a. Start button
b. open windows explorer (also available on desktop icon on many systems)
c. On explorer pull-down menu, select view - Folder options (win98) dialog box - select file types
e. Scroll through file types and select JPEG Image click "edit"
f. Make sure white window specifies "open" as the desired action
g. Click the edit button below the action window.
h. New dialog box - top look for "Application used to perform action"  Browse for your scanner's photo editor application, or browse for Internet Explorer if you have no other application for viewing jpg files.
i. click open on selected application.
j. click "Ok" and "Close" to close all screens.

If that does not do it, ask again to get help from one of these registry wizards.  They will help you.
thelma010500Author Commented:
I REALLY appreciate all the helpful answers so far.
thelma010500Author Commented:
I'm now getting a message that says:
Cannot find C:\program files\internet explorer\name of photo.jpg (or one of it's components. Make sure the path and file name are correct and that all required libraries are available.
What the heck does this mean?
As you can see, I know nada about these things.....
Thanks Again.

I do not know the specifics of how you arrived at your current situation.  Sounds like you did manage to set Internet Explorer as your jpg viewer.  Before we try to trace this problem, I would suggest that you check your scanner software CDROMs and see if you received a Photo Viewer or Photo Editor that came with the package.  If you did, the installation or reinstallation of that software should reset your jpeg application to THAT software, which might be preferable to using Internet Explorer.  

If you want to try to troubleshoot the message you received, do each of the following:
1. Make sure that Internet Explorer is properly installed.  Use it to open (file-open) a jpg file, and see if that works.
2. Go back through the process I described earlier.  Make sure that you find Internet Explorer by browsing for it, rather than typing in the path.  Try rebooting your system afterward.
3. Test the results by locating a jpg file using windows explorer, and dbl-click on it to see if it pulls up Internet Explorer to view it.  If it does not, then the initial process of selecting an application through windows explorer must be redone.  Hope this helps.
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