modem problem (still...)

i had asked this before but i never took the time to check back on's the original question...

--original question--
i have an old powermac 7600/132 that i can;t get my modems to run on...

tried it with a bestdata 56k faxmodem and an old zoom 28,8 faxmodem...using the appropriate scripts tried them both on both ports (modem and printer) and tried two different says it's having a problem communicating with the modem and to reset the modem...i did get it up briefly when i swapped from the 56k to the 28.8 but it hasn't worked since on either...

system is pretty stripped down with a new install of os9 since i thought it might help, it was runnign under os8.1 and doing the same thing...but, well, no idce, still
won't run...

anyone have any suggestions?...

--new stuff--

i have tried using TechTool on th emachine and it says all the ports are peachy, but it still won't f$%^in' work with either modem on either port, tried swapping modem cables, everything i could think of...i'm
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I'm sure you've zapped the p-ram, having used techtool. Have you tried generic scripts yet?
If you really want to test the modem to see if it will work, grab a app called Z-term. It's in any infomac archive under communication/terminal/ZTerm1.01.
Run this and set it to the modem port your connected to. See if you get the "OK". If not right off try resetting the modem, and hitting the "+" key a few times.
If you can get an "OK", Try some basic commands. ATH1 and ATH0 pickup and hangup the phone. ATZ resets the modem, ATE1 usually prints out firmware version. ATDT555-1212 should dial 555-1212.
If the terminal program works, still keep pecking away at scripts till one works.
Ther's a bunch of scripts for ALL modems at
Modems are a pain in the ass, so keep at it.
Good Luck!

Also, does that machine have an internal modem that may have gone bad at some point?  If so, you will need to pull the logic board assembly out the back (2 screws and pull) then lift the modem out of its slot.  If the modem is still in there, it will disable the modem port on the back by the printer port.  

Next, run Clarisworks/Appleworks, and start a new communications session.  Set the settings up to use serial tool, and get the number to your local library bbs or some other local bbs.  Dial out and connect tehre.  It will act as terminal emulation.  This could help to rule out many things.
podracerAuthor Commented:
well, it's off an external modem...never had an internal one...

after i posted this topic i tried messign with it...until it freaked out and couldn't find the hard drive while i was rebooting it (god i love that flashing ? in a disk icon) i grabbed the nearest MacOS cd i had on hand and wiped it clean and reinstalled from had one script for the zoom 28.8 that was still hooked up to it from my experiments so i tried it and it works...i haven't tried swapping to the 56k or installing a newer OS (mainly since i can't find my OS9 cd, my apt. is chaotic to say the least), in the meantime it's a temporary fix...i was mainly trying to set it up to get my roommate off my g3 powerbook and it works for that...i guees i'm sorta' satisfied for now...thanks for the help though...
The last thing you can do (just before you break down and take it to the motherboard replacement guy) is reformat/reinstall. My 8600 failed this last ditch test and I can't seem to find my extended warranty. Good thing I have a few more years to find it.

Good Luck,

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