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I want to make a database of owners,  boat names, and registration no.s, and be able to search that database by any of of the three catagories above.  How do I do it? i.e., how can I get a search engine into, say "wordpad"?
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leonjoramosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Using Access,

Ask for an new database and then choose a "wizard"

Or you may take a look to the "neptuno" sample database and build you own from scratch
jayneeIT ManagerCommented:
Wordpad is a fairly simple word processing utility.  To set up a database, you need database software, such as Microsoft's Access, which provides searching built in.

If you try to use a word processor instead, the categories you mentioned (owners, boat names and registration no.s) are just words, not database fields, and the only way that you can search for words is by a find word facility like CTRL-F in Wordpad.
A spread sheet like lotus 123 or excel would work for application.
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barnacle5Author Commented:
I do not have either "acccess" of lotus 123. What I do have is "works 4.0", and I can make a database there, but how con I put in a "sort" engine, to locate items by certain catagories? Please excuse my terminlology, I am really new here). Can I download access or lotus?
i have a better idea
Write your infomation in the following format:

owner, boat name, and registration number

each field nust be separated by comas and each register must be separated by the "enter" key

It has to be in a .TXT "plain text file"

it will lokk like :

jhon doe,Miracle, 3375
martin smith,sunshine, 6424

And within a week or two i will send you your Works 4.0 database ready to work.

oh, i forgot...

My email is
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