FTP Server Behind Masq. Firewall.

I have a small network here set up at my house connected to the internet through a Linux machine with IP Masquerading. Are there any tools that I can use to allow an FTP server to run and be accessible to the internet from behind the firewall?
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You need ipmasqadm, and set up a port forward, AND the clients will have to use PASV mode.

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jguerinAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks for the answer... let me double check these steps with you first.
1) Put ipmasqadm on the machine
2) Forward port X on firewall to Y on inside machine.
3) If clients use PASV mode, that takes care of the whole multi-port issue that keeps it from working in the firsrt place? (Could you briefly explain what PASV mode does? I know it fixes it but not sure why.)
2) you need to forward ports 20 and 21

PASV mode prety much just says "just send the data back the same way it came" (normally you include a source IP in the port request)

PASV mode is however a security risk.

in SOME cases you dont need pasv if you forward the ports coprrectly, but your milage may vary :)
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Question tho, if the server you will run ftp on is also unix, why not have the server on the firewall, and just NFS mount the drives?

If it is a Win file server, you could SMB mount the disks?
jguerinAuthor Commented:
Well, purposes are two...

First of all I have too many computers so I thought I'd put this one to use. I need kind of a personal ftp server for the inside that I would like certain friends to use.

Second somehow my other one became the target of some warez pups. I shut off anonymous access on it after I found this out (at the same time finding out someone tried to overwrite the inodes).

I have one more question though... you say I need to forward ports 20 and 21... That's kind of a problem because I still have an ftp server on that machine. I planned on forwarding 1021 through... but what should I do about the port 20 (or equivalent)?
Oh, doesnt matter, i just assumed it was the _only_ ftp server, just forward whats apropriate.
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