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I am putting in 1GB of Rambus on my workstation.
I understand that the swap space can only handle 127MB of partition space and that I can have up to 16 swap partitions for intel systems.  My question is can I call all of the partitions swap or do they have to be swap1, swap2, etc....
Also, does the system automatically take care of which swap space it uses?
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linuxlover010700Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you create swap partitions using fdisk or something like that, your partitions will be identified by different name like /dev/hda3, /dev/hda4, etc. If you create partition using a file, then your partition names must be differents, e.g. /swap1, /swap2, etc.
I believe that you will find that Linux is no longer subject to the 128 MB swap partition size limitation after kernel 2.2.x.  The only reason to make a couple of 128 MB swap partitions now is to spread the load across two disks. I just discovered this a few days ago:-)
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