Laserjet Series II margin changing

I have a HP Laserjet Series II on a Win98 system.  I have gone to the HP site and according to their site I have the newest drivers.  Now to the problem.  

When I print the first page is perfect and every page, starting with the second, after that is one line lower.  It isn't in any specific application or any specific word processing program.  There are no errors on the printer display and no errors onscreen Win98.  I have even tried the drivers for Win3.1, as per suggestion by a software supplier that needs to stay in software, and that failed miserably.  
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lguiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So the problem isn't drivers or  software configurations.

Now you have just two possibilities:
- Bad printer configuration. Look it's user manual to see how to configure the printer.
- Bad printer.

Try find a HP Authorized Service Center near to you if the problem continue after the printer reconfiguration and explain the problem and tests made.
prborelAuthor Commented:
Just to add, I installed this printer that is dropping a line from page 1 to page 2 onto a computer running 98SE and the problem was still there.  So it does seem to be following the printer not the computer.
I would recommend that you try increasing the printer form length in the printer setup menu to 66 lines. It is probably currently set for 60 lines.
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Also, the printer control panel (on the printer) has an option to set the actual paper size.  It may be set for A4 or Executive or something.  If you are using letter, this may be a problem.
prborelAuthor Commented:
I have tried changing the formlength to 66.  You're right it was set to 60, but changing it didn't seem to change anything about the way it printed the second top margin.  I found that arcticle at the HP site mentioning the formlines set to 60 instead of 66.  The only thing is, this is happening in Windows based applications also.

I have compared the settings between the two printer's I have, one printing good and the one in question here, and they are the same.  Down to the paper settings.

Is there possibly some setting that can be changed by a DOS command that would cause this?  That was suggested at the HP site but I don't have any of the DOS drivers installed.
Take a look at the printer's manual.

Probally the printer has a console configuration for paper and margins.

Look for something to reset the printer to the original configuration.

Try print "Self-Test" pages diconnected of the computer to see if the problem caused by the Windows or the printer.
prborelAuthor Commented:

I did the self-test print today,disconnected from the computer, and it still dropped a line from page one to page two.
prborelAuthor Commented:
The printer repair tech replaced a "paper control board" and fixed the problem.  I had contacted them yesterday.
 Thanks for the help
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