Packet Forwarding

I am having a problem setting up part of firewall ocnfiguration.

Everything is working fine but now i need to forward all packets on a certain port to another IP on the internal network...
Internal IP:
Server IP:
Port: NNN

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Hi Spri,

sound more to be a routing question than a firewall problem.

I think, some words about the used system & software and the logical structure of your net will be needed to provide a sufficient answer.

SpriAuthor Commented:
Well the main server is my RH6.1 box(internal IP:, external IP: DHCP) and I have another server on the internal network that has internal ip of and I am routing my port 1521 traffic to that computer, it is running Oracle.

hope that helps...
You'll need to take a look at ipmasqadm with the portfw module. Also there's a few options that need to be compiled into the kernel.
Here's what you do:

ipmasqasdm -A portfw -p TCP/UDP -R x.x.x.x (port) -L x.x.x.x (port)

Let me break it down.

-A --adds a rule to the module
portfw --module which does port forwarding from one machine to another
-p --selects your protocol whether it be TCP or UDP
-R --remote address and port to forward from
-L --local address & port to forward packets from remote address to

so you would do:

ipmasqadm -A portfw -p TCP(? i dont know if oracle works on TCP or not) -R 1521 -L 1521

Hope that helps, if not ask again.

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