Add menu to File Explorer when Right click over file.

I'm writing a program that has some neat file utilities.
I want to list my Commands on the File Explorer when a person
"Right-Clicks" over a file.
Like when it says: Open, Print, cut, copy, etc.....
I know it can be done because pgp and other programs
have added commands there. Registry trick?
Please show code if you already have it. Thanks!
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This is perhaps what you are lookin' for.. "Shell Extension Interfaces v1.20 - Create your own shell extensions" under "TypeLibs" at..

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Another solution would be this..

* Open the regedit program (Start button -> "Run" -> "regedit")
* Right-click on the right-side of the window, choose "Create" -> "Key" (the first item.. think it's called Key in english version).
* Set the name to .ext if ext is the extension of your files
* Select the new key you just created
* Double-click on the (Standard) value, choose a representive text for your files like "Myprogram.Document"
* Select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT again
* Create a new key and set the name to "Myprogram.Document" or whatever you called the key before
* Select the new key
* Create a key inside it and call the new key "shell"
* Add items under the shell key, and go back to explorer select a file with your extension and see what comes up

* Every key in "shell" will be a item in the right-menu in explorer, but to get explorer to know what is to happen when the user clicks the item you will need to create a key called "command" under every item. There you set the (Standard) value to something like "C:\Myprogram.exe" or whatever file is to be run when the user clicks on the item.

But I think the URL I gave will give you a much nicer interface, note that if you follow these steps you will get the first item in bold text.. don't know how to override it.
Or, you can take a look at RegExtension on my website.

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jgoreAuthor Commented:
VBMaster - Your url is:\
The last slash is backwards.  I got the file, but others might not.
Just thought Id let you know.  All the packages listed there
look real good.  Great work! thanks!
jgore, if vbmaster helped you, please select his comment as an answer and grade it...

jgoreAuthor Commented:
All of your info has helped me alot!
I tried RegExtension and it seems to work. But, once you set it wrong it's hard to find out how to undo it, heh.
I will probably try the others methods as well.
Thanks for all your help!!!
I couldn't have done it without ya ;-)
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