displaying the real time and date

Could someone supply me some code on how to use the timer object in VC++ to display the real time in a text box?

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whlukAuthor Commented:
using timer event preferentially.
I dont code in VC++ but to get the time you could use the windows API, GetLocalTime e GetSystemTime, in the help there should have the information needed to use these functions...
whlukAuthor Commented:
And it's very urgent
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whlukAuthor Commented:
sorry nodari, I don't mean that and I probably leading you to the wrong way...
What I really need is to display a continuous date and time (just like xdaliclock in X windows or more simply the small clock in the corner of win98)
I need it to be constantly adjusting the time to reflect the real one...
sux... ok

What is real time?

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whlukAuthor Commented:
Sorry inpras... I'm closing this question b/c I've found the answer
the real time is the time on your watch right now. After a few hours later, I will delete this question. Thanks, it's good effort...
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