Memory problem

I have a 1.2Gb HDD with 1.04GB taken up.
That leaves me with 160mb of space.
Now, when i want to run MS-Word, it says that your memory is not enough.and then something about not enough disk space.
Please help.
BTW, i am using Win 95 with 49mb RAM (2x16, 2x8)
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No magic solution here.  Delete some of the junk off of your hard disk or buy a new and larger one.
yankeedoodlesAuthor Commented:
 But is that the definite answer to my problem?
i mean, last time i had some "insufficient memory " problem and somebody told me to buy RAM and it didn't work...can anybody tell me how much space its required to start MS WORD?
While 160MB of free disk space should be enough, it's clear that you have other applications running that are eating that up and not leaving enough for Word to run properly.  Windows 95 allocates it's paging file dynamically from the available free space on the drive but it needs to be contiguous free space.  In your case, the 160MB of free space is probably scattered all over the drive.

In a low disk space situation, the Windows paging file gets very fragmented and Windows often cannot allocate enough free space for it.  One thing that might help would be to defrag your drive but this will only be a temporary fix as with so little free space, you'll very quickly become fragmented again.

Again, you need to free up some space or add another hard drive.  In that case, you can move the Windows paging file to the other drive and get some more life out of your existing one.
yankeedoodlesAuthor Commented:
Thank You but can u leave your email addy so that if it doesnt work at home i will email you...please email me at
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