Connecting Windows 95 to Linux via RS232 (serial) cable

I have two machines; a linux box and a PC with windows 95. I want to create a TCP/IP connection between the two via a serial cable. I don't have network cards and I don't want to dial the Linux box from the PC via a modem.
I just want to use a direct serial connection.
How do I do it ?
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You should be able to run ppp over that serial link...but I've no idea how to do it.

On the other hand, the Netgear FA310TX 10/100 PCI nic is $17 at , and a cross-over CAT5 cable will set you back about, oh $10, so for $44, you can have a 10 megabit network.  Or, for the $10 for a proper serial cable (null modem cable?) you can have a 9600 bit per second network.

If you want to transfer files at all, I'd get the ethernet NICs.

This is actually fairly simple. You have to get pppd (the PPP server) up and running on the serial port on the Linux box.

When you get this far, you want to pick a modem, and say it is attached to this serial port on the PC. Just take a standard 56k modem.

Then change the AT command to include X0 (ignore dial-tone), possible have the Linux box issue 'CONNECT' as part of a dial-script, and you are set.

But I would spend $30-$50, get two network cards, and run 100 or 1000 times faster.

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robhynesAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I get the picture but theres not a lot of detail.
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