VB multiple database transfer

This is more SQL than VB , but here goes...
If I have shop branches with different
databases and I want to collate a report on sales at all branches, AND
the user only gets a VB interface to
do this, what is best method of
doing it ? Do I run stored procedure
that extracts local branch data then
gather that together into a central table for Crystal Reports. How
do I transfer the data - use some custom
interface to harness SQL data transfer
or just pass data as a byte stream
eg property bags ?
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dhodgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, here goes, you must change this sollution to suit your environment.  On the client where you want your program to run, create an access database with attached tables to each of the machines you want to summarize.  On that local machine you can then access the data from each machine.  You could even create views to (kind of) concatenate the data, into a more manageable single table, you could even append a machine name for ease to identify the source of the data.

Yes it is possible, spin the wheel.
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