[D3 winAPI] Get the text from another's app memo

I'd like to read the contain of the memo
that is in another app.
Using windows messages.
I already have the handle of that

Let's say I have a memo. Help me read
another memo and fill mine with it's

I tryed
     WinHandle: THandle;
     Buffer: array[0..50] of Char;
     GetClassName(WinHandle, Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer) - 1);
     GetWindowText(WinHandle, Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer) - 1);

but getwindowtext cannot get the text of another app.
Thanks to submit working code please. Thanks.
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Hi John!!   :-)

This should work:

var i1 : integer;
    s1 : string;
  i1 := SendMessage(WinHandle, WM_GETTEXTLENGTH, 0, 0);
  SetLength(s1, i1 + 1);
  SetLength(s1, SendMessage(WinHandle, WM_GETTEXT, i1 + 1, integer(s1)));
  memo1.text := s1;

Regards, Madshi.
jeurkAuthor Commented:
this is working perfectly.
but I do not understand what the
line SetLength(s1, SendMessage(WinHandle, WM_GETTEXT, i1 + 1, integer(s1)));
does and how it is working.
does not setlenght change the size of the given string ?
Yes...   :-)

  // get the length of the window text and store it in "i1"
  // according to the documentation sometimes this returns a bigger length than nessecary...
  i1 := SendMessage(WinHandle, WM_GETTEXTLENGTH, 0, 0);

  // allocate memory for the window text
  SetLength(s1, i1 + 1);
  // get the window text
  // but the string length is too long still
  // but the result of the SendMessage call gives us the *exact* length
  // so we set the string to this exact length
  SetLength(s1, SendMessage(WinHandle, WM_GETTEXT, i1 + 1, integer(s1)));
Instead of the last line we could have also do this:

  // get the window text
  SendMessage(WinHandle, WM_GETTEXT, i1 + 1, integer(s1));
  // let Delphi cut the string at the first #0 character
  s1 := pchar(s1);

Regards, Madshi.

P.S: With the stuff you'll soon get from me you'll be able to do this:

  memo1.text := Window(WinHandle).Text;


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jeurkAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help.
and for the crystal clear comments.

About memo1.text := Window(WinHandle).Text;

are your doing more then GetWindowText(WinHandle, Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer) - 1);
I hope so. Anyway I'm gonna like your stuff life always.

I don't use GetWindowText, because it doesn't work alright. In my stuff I'm doing exactly what I've posted here (in fact the code I've posted here is just a slightly changed copy from my stuff)...   :-)
jeurkAuthor Commented:
Anyway I believe you.
Look I have another question
(just give me five minutes to type it;)
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