US Robotics 56k Ext Modem Dos Driver


I have a 56k US Robotics Modem and looking to install on a DOS based Server.  Does anyone have this or know how I can go about installing the modem in the Server's control file.  
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
External modems usually are 'DSP' (Digital Signal Processing) devices, which really do not require any "driver" to make them work;
your DOS application simply sends data to the COMx port, and the modem receives from the COMx port, and sends the bytes to the other modem.

Enable the motherboard's "COM2" port, and connect the modem to that port.

Use the DOS command: 'MODE COM2'
to set the speed of the COM2 port, usually to 57600 or 115200.

Then, run your DOS-based application, configuring it to access 'COM2'.
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