Shut down another EXE

I need sample code to detact and shut down an EXE.
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you can get the programs thread and just kill it.... or a more politer way, ask the program to shutdown.... the later is easier but the thread way is a little harder but does not ask questions i have code for both but heres the first method, if it does the trick great....

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
h: hwnd;

copy this and put it into a button, run calculator c:\windows\calc.exe and then execute the code....

also you can find out if the calc is running by the return value of the window handle "h"....

Craig C.

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jlislo, what do you know about the exe you want to detect and shutdown? The main window caption or class? Or just the executable file?
In the latter case you can download the free unit "enumStuff.pas" from my homepage:

With this unit you can enumerate all running processes (function GetProcessList). You can then look whether the exe is running and if it is you have the processID. Then call OpenProcess to get a process handle and TerminateProcess to terminate the process.

Regards, Madshi.

{you could also type the windows text here if you did not know the class name}

jlisloAuthor Commented:
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