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how do i make my zip drive work in red hat 6.1
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biardConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You will first need to download and install the Xforms library and then do the smae for jazip 0.32.  It works with all parallel, scsi, and ida zip drives as well as jaz drives.  You just need to make a small adjustment in the config file for it to work.  It will mount and unmount disks for you in gui style.

Alternatively, see the following link to avoid any extra software.  You may need to recomile your kernel, but I doubt it.  You should just be able to create a folder called /zip and the use the mount command as follows:

mount /dev/hd*1 /zip

where the * depends on whether it is master or slave and on which controller (primary or secondary).  use the following to determine the letter to replace the * with:

a - primary master (probably your hard disk)
b - primary slave
c - secondary master
d - secondary slave

If this fails, try to use a 4 instead of a 1 as follows:

mount /dev/hd*4 /zip

But remember, before doing this create a directory /zip as follows:

mkdir /zip

If this fails read the how to here:

But, I use the jazip utility mentioned at the top of the page for my scsi zip and jaz drives.  It works great.  I have a symlink on the launcher bar and I just stick in a disk and click the icon.  Tha pp opens, and I click mount.  Voila!

It depends.  Is it scsi or ide or parallel or what?
rbf351Author Commented:
it a internal ide
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