rsh: "access denied"

When I run rsh on NT, i get the following error "access denied"
I have updated the file HOSTS in
with the ipaddress and the username
but it still gives an access denied.

Any ideas?
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought rsh under NT is only a client, used to run a remote shell on a UNIX box, not another NT box. I don't think there is a corresponding daemon for NT to support rsh.

N.B. on the unix box the file is .rhosts, not hosts.
Do you get the error if you just type RSH with no parameters?  What permissions do you have on the target machine and how are they implemented (Local account, same domain, trust)?  What program are you tring to execute on the foreign host?  Do you have permission to execute that program?  
FrisonAuthor Commented:
returns the help

returns the help

c:\>rsh c:\textpad\textpad.exe
returns access denied

Both pc on Same domain
with c:\textpad\textpad.exe granted to all

And if I try to call myself should it
Will C:\>rsh ipmycomputer c:\textpad\textpad.exe
 launch texpad?
It does not
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look what searching MS web came up with, (and in your case rsh.exe on NT is pretending to be a unix workstation running rsh)

So I'm not wrong unless you've got a 3rd party rshd, rcmdd or rexecd for NT.

Trouble is NT's RPCs are based on unix RPCs but incompatable with them.

Think you might have been misled in a previous question. I would post as answer but some expert might just be able to supply a URL for a 3rd party daemon to run on NT.

Textpad is an interactive program so even if the rsh worked, you would not be able to use it this way because the standard output would be going to the remote command, not to your local session.  

What you need is rcmd/rcmdsvr from resource kit or even remote.exe but still only get a dos box on remote machine.
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