Mac OS Printer Share Crashes

My home network connects four Macs together via a 10BASET connection. We have an older Apple Stylewriter 2400 driven by the Stylewriter 2500 driver with the desktop printing suite disabled (conflicts with the version of the Stylescript Postscript RIP that I sometimes use). The machine used as a print server is a PowerCenter Pro (64 Mb with RamDoubler 8 creating a virtual memory of 96 Mb) running OS 8.5.1 and attempts to use the Printer Share extension to share the printer to all Macs on the network. However, upon any attempt to print from a Mac other than the server, Printer Share crashes. I see the file attempt to spool, but then everything halts when the server gets a MacBug exception.I will probably go ahead and upgrade the print server to OS 8.6. The machines I attempted to print from are new iMacs running OS 9. I have also increased the memory allocation for Print Monitor. Still crashes. I am out of ideas here. Help!
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I allocated my whole initial bucket of points on this one. Multiple machines on a network running different versions of the OS. I think this one possibly hard, but maybe there is some minor extension conflict messing up the whole thing. Everything else works great.
Well it could be simply a MacsBug problem. Deinstall MacsBug and maybe your MacsBug exception will go away. Ive found that if i run MB on a Powerbook with os9 i get crashes all the time for weird stuff. But without it installed i run fine. Its worth a shot.
PrinterShare sucks (is that too harsh, politically incorrect, etc.). You have an Ethernet Network going, so...flesh it out a bit.

There is a gizmo called AsanteTalk. It is a great little gizmo, as gizmo's go, that turns your serial device into an ethernet device by some sort of adapter magic. It accepts as input a 10baseT/RJ-45, does its thing and connects to a 8 or 9pin din serial device, like, for example, an Apple Stylewriter 2400. Groovy man. Works like a champ.

Hook up the printer to AsanteTalk, AsanteTalk to the hub and each one of the Macs on yer network can send to the printer directly. This will free up the PowerCenter Pro so it can get some real work done. Neato burrito. Yer a happy camper again.

AsanteTalk can be purchased at:
ext. 3759 James (tell him the Macintosh Magician sent you)
MacZone Part #16630
current MacZone price $89.98

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