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I am trying to make a program that will prevent people from accesing certain programs on my computer.  It does this by finding the text of a window and then closing it if I have told it to.

I would like to make it start up whenever I turn the computer on.  I have placed it in the run folder in the registry but this only runs it when the computer enters windows.  Is there any other place where I can put it to make it start at the log in screen (like nortan antivirus).

Are there any other ussful places on the hard drive that execute apps at when the computer is turned on?
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 you could try putting in the win.ini file
 run = c:\myprog
 load = c:\myprog

or if the run key in the registry isnt soon enought try the runservices key under hkey_local_machine
software\microsoft\current version\ windows\runsrevices

these are only places that will make it start.
Regards Barry

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Just call it yourprogram "location of exe" exactly the same way as doing the run....

the main difference this gets run just before the main login screen at where windows enters (please enter username and password)

Craig C.

why me!!!, inthe always beats me to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barry, can you think of a way of getting the handle of that dialog ( i think it is) where it asks you for your user name and password, i got a program running by it, but it kills the box for no reason, and it vanishishes as if by magic, thats not what i want. if you know the class name, i can stop i think.... or have you played around with this box?

if you know a way say yes, and i will post some points up for ya....
Craig C.
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yes ..

h : thandle;
h := findwindow('Enter Network Password',nil);

cheers for points ;-)
nope, sorry....
not what i need.... ah i will post a question up now....
andrewsmithAuthor Commented:
Thankyou that works perfectly.

Here are the points...
barry got it sorted.... i made a program with it if you want to see what i was doing

i cracked the problem all by myself :)

andrew, if you want anyhelp on making your pc even more safe, just ask, i wrote a program to do just that, and nobodu has broken out of it "yet" who knows in time maybee?
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