Compact Program Document

I setup a program document to compact our mail databases this weekend, but nothing seems to have been compacted. Here are the parameters:

Program name:          Compact Mail
Enabled/disabled:   ENABLED
Command line:          LOAD COMPACT -S 10
Run at times:          04:00 AM each day
Server to run on:   HUDSON/HudsonGeneral
Repeat interval of: 0 minutes
Days of week:          Sun

I confirmed from the Notes log that the job did run. I found the following entry:

01/09/2000 04:00:30 AM  Running Program document for 'Compact Mail LOAD COMPACT -S 10'

The way I read things, this should have compacted all DB's with 10% or more wasted space, but it didn't. Compacting has NEVER been done on this server since its inception last March. I've checked several DB's & found their usage in the 50's. I also don't see any further messages in the log about the progress or finish of the job. Am I missing something??
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RayboneAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Hi Raybone,

try to split like this

Program name:     Compact
Command line:     mail -S 10


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RayboneAuthor Commented:
Eureka!! That was the missing ingredient. Thanks for the help
RayboneAuthor Commented:
By the way, I couldn't find any meaningful explanation of the Repeat Interval. Could anyone explain what hat parameter does? Why would I wan the program to repeat?

Click on the field label "Repeat interval of:"
You will see:
"Interval to repeat - 0 means run program once."

That say, if you have exec or batches, which you want to have run three times a day, than set this to: 480

Because it is in minutes ( 8 X 60 ).

The same you can do with three program documents set to zero minutes...

You see?

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