Turning off the keychain in OS 9

How the heck can I make my Mac stop asking me for my password to log into the server every time I start up? I tried chucking all the keychain stuff but it still asks me. I hate the keya=chain and it won't go away!
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TheHubConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Keychain may need to be on before you can proceed. This may require that you reinstall it since you said that you have trashed it.

Trash the Keychain entries in the Control Panel (cdev) and trash the Preferences (located in the System Folder) named:
Keychain Access Prefs
Keychains (whole folder)
Reboot the Mac.

I do not know what Server you are referring to. If it is an AppleShare Server, open the AppleShare cdev and uncheck the boxes that force action at startup. If you are talking about the ISP Server, the deletion of the Keychain Prefs should do the trick.

After deletion of the Keychain Prefs, you should be able to turn off the Keychain cdev after one reboot.

Or, you may be able to get away with deleting the folder located at HD:System Folder:Preferences:Keychain.

More info might help.

Good Luck,
I don't think this answer handles the problem.  Under OS 8.6 and earlier you could have the AppleShare server remember your name and password and automate logon.  With the keychain, I can't figure out any way to avoid having to type at least one password--if not the password for the server, the password to grant access to the keychain itself.

"Uncheck the boxes that force action at startup?"  That's what we used to be able to automate!

Is there no way to eliminate the keychain entirely and still automate logging on to an AppleShare server?

Can I have the 20 points back that I spent to read this answer?
lammonsAuthor Commented:
There is a third party item called Keychain AutoUnlock. It does the trick fairly well.
You're right, it does work well.  Good tip.
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