Document/View -- where to keep the data in FTP app

Another basic question about MFC.  In my application, I allow users to connect to an FTP site, display a list of files available, then have them either transfer or edit these files.

To establish the FTP connection, I just have a simple dialog where users can enter such things as username, password, sitename, port, etc.  My questoin is:  To keep with the doc/view model, where should I handle displaying the dialog?  In the document?  Where should I store the information the user enters?  Again, should this go in the document?  

I have 2 views in a split window:  1 for files, 1 for editing text.  I have also created a class for storing the FTP info described above
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Since you want to stick to the Doc-View Arch. , the best place for you to display the Dialog will be View Class and storing of Information into a file in the Document class.


The architecture you choose is really gated on the dependencies the dialog has. Try to think of the minimum number of compoenents the dialog refers to. You mention you have two view windows--one for files, one for text. Are those two different view classes?

If so, can you imagine the file list view and this dialog existing by themesleves? If so, that is, if the dialog doesn't need anything from the other view, then I think you'd be best served by providing the dialog in reaction to a command handled by the file list view.

If the file list changes, the view should communicate those changes back to the document. Even if the dialog tells the view to tell the document what to do.

If you need both view windows to support the dialog, then I think the dialog should be presented in reaction to a command reflected from the views to the document--and then the document would directly own the dialog.

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Microsoft way of designing the system using Document View is not the best way to go unless you are doing a realy simple app, look an the pattern Model View Controller so you can understand better how data can be kept sparate from the view representation and control scheem.
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