Incorrect Function error when opening/closing a window within Notes

I have a user who is receiving an Incorrect Function error when: closing the inbox, opening the personal address book on local, opening personl web navigator on local.  

I have searched the Notes help files and their web site but I am not able to find an info on Incorrect function errors.  Does anyone know what could be causing the error and how to fix it?  Thanks!
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ranawatAuthor Commented:
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Has the user been fiddling around with the "inherit design from template" database properties?  Does this person have a design license?
ranawatAuthor Commented:
The user does not have a design license and denies playing with anything.
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Hi ranawat,

Replace design of the user's mail box and personal address book using appropriate design template.

good luck,

In this case we need to know the version of the Notes Client and the Operating System.
I always saw this error if a database was using a @formula which is not supported by the operating system or the Notes Version (i.e. a 4.6 template on 4.5 for OS/2)
ranawatAuthor Commented:
The Notes version is 4.6, the OS is Win9x.
ranawatAuthor Commented:
I tried replacing the design with the correct template, it didn't make a difference, still getting the original "Incorrect Function" error.  

The user is also recieving a new error messsage today (before I replaced the design): "Illegal circular USE: InternetFunctions"
I had to keep hitting okay about a dozen times before that error would clear.  Replacing the design didn't help that error either.
Well, that sounds like a problem in a LotusScript "(Options)" section somewhere.  See anything suspicious in the Database Script Library?

Just for kicks, have you removed and re-added the workspace icon?
I don't know if the user has the rights but if it is a LotusScript problem, could he click on File - Tools - Debug LotusScript. If he user does not have a "Lotus Notes" id then he won't be able to check the option. Check the title of the Lotus Notes window. If it's written "Lotus Notes Mail" or "Lotus Notes Desktop" he/she won't be able to (unless you give him a licence upgrade).

This will enable you (or a designer) to see what happens on the workstation.

If it is a problem with LotusScrit, it will stop at the line where there is a problem and you'll be a wee bit closer to helping him.

Before I go : I had a flash : could his Notes.ini file be write-protected ? Check that out just to be safe ;-)

Hope this helps,


Before replacing the design (again!), use the properties box to make sure that all the script libraries (and in fact any other design elements) are allowed to be overwritten when replacing/refreshing.
[Properties box, Design tab - for any design element]

I hope this is to deal with the Memory.

Try to compact the databases in which user is getting the error.


The user's desktop is low on disk space.

Good Luck

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ranawatAuthor Commented:
I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions.  The suggestion that corrected the incorrect function error was from HemanthaKumar, I needed to compact the database.

The other error "Illegal circular USE: InternetFunctions" I found the info on the Lotus website.  It was an errant webpage that was causing a loop.  We deleted the webpage from where Lotus stores it and the error stopped.

Thanks again for everyone's help!!
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