Fixed File Import

Is there a way to import a fixed width text file into a access database table?
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yes...  You can do it with access, but if you do not want to require that access is on the machine, you can do this:

Let's assume you have 3 fields in your text file.  A name (30 chars), birthdate (10 char) and a score (3 char)  you can do this  (all off the cuff, forgive me if I make a typo or something)

type PlayerRecord
  szName  as string * 30
  szDate  as string * 10
  szScore as string * 3
end type
private const mc_lRecLen = 43

private sub ReadAndInsert(szFileName as string, rsTable as recordset)
  dim nFile     as integer
  dim prRec     as PlayerRecord
  dim lRecCt    as Long
  dim lI        as long

  nFile = freefile
  Open szFileName for Input as #nFile
  lrecct = lof(nfile) \ mc_lRecLen

  for lI = 1 to lRecCt
    get #nFile, lI, prRec

    rsTable!PlayerName = prRec.szName
    rsTable!BirthDate = cdate(prRec.szDate)
    rsTable!Score = val(prRec.szScore)
  next ni

  close #nfile 'we read the entire file
end sub
oops that was an answer!

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