Java Development tool recommendations?

I'm getting ready to purchase a Java development tool for my company.  I have one in mind, but I thought I'd get a second (or third, fourth, fifth, etc.) from the experts before pulling the trigger.

I'll likely have between 5 and 10 developers working on any project.  We'll be developing for both Unix and Windows server products...

Any suggestions?
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dorothy2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are developing for Unix as well as Windows, stay away from Visual J++. Microsoft has incorporated its own features into its Java compiler, and you may have problems when you port the code.

You might also want to look at how the IDE will work with your source control system. We used JBuilder and Cafe at work, and then had to call up Visual Source Save to check the files back in. We were stuck with VSS because we had VB and Visual C++ developers. JBuilder3's Enterprise edition comes with PVCS.

Here is a link for feature comparison of the various JBuilder versions:
do you have a lot of UI stuff ?
I personall use Kawa ( which is (was ?) not a good UI Builder tool.

btw. as far as I remember JBuilder (which is not a bad product) is already free ?
JBuilder by Borland its good one.which i use.
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search the PAQ's too.

but another candidate is Symantec Cafe,but mind you it's a horrid memory hogger ,u should have atleast 128MB on the developer PC's (on Windows NT4.0 which is same as my PC).The more Megs the merrier ,though some of our colleagues r working on 256 Megs.
I have used Symantec's 3.0 database developement trial edition

I don't think that MS VJ++6.0 will qualify for your purpose,though I use it personally for it's cool typing feature (drop down box)which saves me a lot of typing while coding.

haven't used JBuilder.trial version's available. I dont know for sure.

tried out IBM's Visual Age for Java ? trial version's available.

as heyhey pointed out what is the area u r working / thinking of working on? that will limit the search.

finally see ,most points still stand after about a year or so.
I like Visual J++.. When developing windows applications, you'll get a lot from Microsoft's java support.. For UNIX programming, my friends are still using text editors:)

Zicai - Got shot by my project..:(
yes ,i think that Symantec Cafe & JBuilder integrate nicely with almost all Source code control systems.
I would avoid Visual J++ due to limited portability.

JBuilder foundation available FREE strictly uses the core packages and along with its designer you can get all the
GUI support u need for most purposes. The debugger
has great functionality.

Symantec Cafe offers similar conveniences but is a serious
memory hog.

Kawa is a cool cheap side tool for quick testing purposes

For most of these IDE's (cept Kawa) however you would need high end pentiums and atleast 128megs of ram.

I would be interested in comments on Visual Age.
RyanlAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone for your info.  I'm taking dorothy2's answer because it was the most on target for what I was looking for.  Weak reason, I know, but I had to choose someone.

Thanks again,
RyanlAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help...
better get atleast 128 megs for all developer machines if u wanna develop for Java.

and yes the SCCS by dorothy2 is a very very important point
>>>source control system.
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