Congratulations Raymond

Congratulations Raymond :-))

another milestones reached .
 any 2k bugs yet ?

keep up good work
 (no really dont have a holiday now :-)

see ya
Regards Barry
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I wear a lot of hats...

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Thank you Barry :-))

No Y2k bugs yet - but Win2K RC2 is really trying my patience :o)

Actually I will be having a holiday in a few weeks time, but I fear you may catch me before then!

BTW: GO TO BED! I don't think you've slept in the last few weeks :-) :-)


why do i never receive this kind of congrats? ;)
intheAuthor Commented:
viktor is still alive ;-)
long time no see mate hows it going?
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congrates also from me, raymond
>BTW: GO TO BED! I don't think you've slept in the last few weeks :-)
this, i think must, you do also ;-)

Hey Raymond, congrats!! But keep watching for Barry. He just got me and I'm sure he'll be chasing you until he got you, too...   :-)

Regards, Madshi.
Well earned congratulations from me too, Ray! I think we all got those "Points awarded" mails this morning which shifted us quite a bit :-) They also have finally cleared all those open questions here going down from >700 question to about 250...

Ciao, Mike
Thank you all!

I am sure I will see you all above 200k points in the fullness of time - except for Viktor who has gone over to the dark side :-)



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yeaah... i'm still alive... too busy with school and other things all around.. if im not busy i usually program games or demo effects in C/C++ and ASM.. about a week ago i created a project in Delphi that creates that fire demo effect that we all (mostly) have seen in mode 13h.. i generated my own palette and a few other tricks and it worked great.. that's what i've been doing laltely.. graphics programming... oh well... i guess wont have time to answer questions on E-E for a while (till i get in college which would be in a few months if i get accepted) so see you then... ;) (or maybe earlier... you never know :))

Raymond, congrats man...

To all other... long time no see... well, that's life... i hope all of you're doing well, and happy new year to all of you (a bit late.. i know. oh well)...

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