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first let me say i have no HTML experience. i have a web site this site has a services page where i would like to list equipment i have available for sale.i just purchased FTP software i i do know how to upload my page. My question is how do i find my services page and actually add listings to it i need additional software???
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BlessyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can use ftp for uploading the file.

Create the new 'services.htm', which contains the equipment list.

To upload a page in your server using ftp,

in the command prompt,
type 'ftp' and after a space, the IP address of your site, on which you want to upload the file, and press enter.(The IP address and the password will be provided by your ISP). Now you'll get a prompt 'ftp>'.

Open the folder  Delete the old 'services.htm' from that.
Open another instance of command prompt and open the folder in which your new 'services.htm' is saved, using DOS's cd command.

Now you can switch to the first instance of command prompt where you logged in to ftp. Give the command 'mput services.htm' to upload the local file to the server. (You can get the help on ftp by typing 'help' in 'ftp>').
After uploading, type 'bye' to close ftp session and come back to DOS prompt.  Now you can close both command prompt windows.

Open from the browser to see the changes.  You may need to reload the page in order to load the new page from the server, otherwise the browser may load the old page from the cahe of your machine (temporary internet folder).

Hope your query is answered.

KennyIT Application ExecutiveCommented:
This is your services page :

it is called services.htm, and is stored in a subdirectory called images.

Since you said you do not know HTML, perhaps you can try a free HTML editor from here (to add HTML stuff) :

Here is an excellent tutorial on HTML.
Starts from the ground up.  Most people are writing their own pages in a couple of days.
well no u do not need additional software. Just prepare a page that has all the equipments are listed.(name it equipment.htm or equipment.html)

Then add a link on the service page that loads the equipment.htm page. that's how u can add a page to ur site.

Hence u do not need any additional software. Yes if u do not have any software for preparing ur HTML pages (macromedia dream weaver will do that for u) then u need to download it from
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