Illegal operation on HP ScanJet 3300C

I recieved an HP ScanJet 3300C for Christmas and just got home to set it up.  Installation of everything went well- but here is the problem...Anytime I try to open a program that uses the scanner I get an illegal operation message-  the details read like this----

HPPRSCLT caused an invalid page fault in module HP3300T.DLL at 0167:02371bd3

Any suggestions on how I can get the scanner to work?
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MadMaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Open PrecisionScan LT.

2. Choose the Help menu About HP PrecisionScan LT.

3. In the About HP PrecisionScan LT window, version 3.0c should show.

If this is true, you now need to verify the version of the file, hp3300t.dll:

1. Click Start, Find, and then Files and Folders.

2. In the Named Field type hp3300t.dll.

3. Right-click the file, choose Properties.

4. Choose the Version tab at the top of the Properties window.

5. If the version is you need to download the patch, SJ509MU.EXE, from the HP ScanJet Web site. Once you run the patch, the version of the hp3300t.dll will be version

6. Power-cycle the scanner and reboot the computer and try to scan again.
McKeagAuthor Commented:
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McKeagAuthor Commented:
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Hi Mr. McKeag

Try this:
1. Press control - alt and delete on your keyboard at the same time and this should bring up a close program box.

2. Check to see if Stimon is one of the programs listed. If it isn't go to Start - run and type in MSCONFIG. Go to Startup and see if Still Image Monitor appears in the list and put a check in the box. Apply this and then restart your pc. Your scanner should now work properly.

All the best!
here is an easier way, right-click my computer, then click properties, then device manager, and then go to universal serial bus controller,and then click the plus button, and then delete your usb port, and then restart your computer, i had the same problem with my 3300c, and now it works perfectly fine
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