Server keeps forwading mail to other mail server

please help

I have a person document with specified "Forwarding Address" (SMTP) because the LN client is not ready yet.  After we have configured the client and remove the "Forwarding address" from the person document, the LN router still forward the mail to SMTP.BOX to its old "forwarding address"

We tried to use yahoo to send mail to that mail box but returns with this error
------- Failure Reasons  --------

User  not listed in public Name & Address Book

eventhough we have filled up its "Short Name..."

we have compacted all databases related to mail routing but to no avail.

All person documents are working fine except for this one.
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rfharrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm gonna swing wide on this one and guess that the address book is unhappy (in a corrupted sense not a configuration sense).

Try bringing the server down and running the UPDALL -R against the address book.  The -R will 'Rebuild' the view indexes and frequently repairs corruption problems.  The complete syntax will depend on your Operating System (check your Admin Guide?).

If the UPDALL -R doesn't clear the problem ... it may also be worth pulling a completely new replica from another server in the domain.

PS: My "swinging wide" approach assumes that you have already checked the normal things (your message indicates at least two of the obvious items).  When the "normal things" don't work .. it may be time to suspect the address book itself.
I believe its a corrupted NAB as well.  Try pressing shift+f9 in the ppl's view or ctrl+shift+f9 before u take a longer course of action.
redenAuthor Commented:
Shift+F9 or Ctrl+Shift+F9 doesn't do much on my problem, it's rfharris' solution solved it
yes I know it wouldnt help much, but its a matter of keyboard clicks to try before going to a longer process.  Its actually weird how the NAB gets corrupted like this, the first q I answered in this forum was like yours, and prior to that I had the same problem.
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