Load KDE on login Windows Screen as default???

I use Red Hat Linux 6.0, and install every packages of Linux on computer.
On the Login Screen(graphical), as default it's will load up Gnome(if i don't go to Option and change to other type such as Another Level,Safe Fail,KDE, and Gnome).

My question is how can I change the default to KDE instead of Gnome???
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svindlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
look in the scripts xinit and Xclients in /etc/X11/xinit/
They set up the default environment for X.
If you create a single line in /etc/sysconfig/desktop with the word "KDE" then your users should use KDE as their default.
Try RedHat 6.1 you can select default your desktop at installation time.

In RH 6.0 you can change your default login screen from manu (buttom of pop up menu but I can't remember the exact name of menu).

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