programming jaz piper mp3 player

Is there anyone that have some code for downloading/uploading files to/from jaz piper (hardware mp3 player) with parallel port under linux?

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s_franklinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you looking to write the software yourself, or simply to find a tool that will allow you to do this? I think that the answer is "no" unless there is someone currently working on the project. If you look at:

You can see that the jaz isn't a supported device for the parallel port driver. This basically means that no one has written the code to show whether it works or not. In the linux community, software initiatives usually become pretty public within the community pretty fast - I think it would have showed up.

Also, you can check out the main MP3 driver development site:

If you're interested in writing some PP code yourself, you might want to check out a response to another question: 


crisbertAuthor Commented:
ok ok, I'll try with some PP coding and show what it happens....

anyway thanks for these links.

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