Converting Word Document to HTML

What's the best way to covert a
Word 97 (or above) .DOC file to HTML?

I have a large document (200 pages +) that needs to be in HTML format.  It contains tables and borders so these will need to be ported also with minimum fuss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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nettromConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Save as .HTML" in Word is probably the worst way of creating HTML from a Word document.  if what you want is a good HTML document you should try looking for other solutions.

1: if you have FrontPage you should be able to use it to convert for you.  it actually does quite a good job of it.  I'm not sure how it'll handle the 200-page document, but it should work.

2: if you have the money, buy HTML Transit.  it does a really good job of converting the document provided you use styles well (all headings are marked as headings, and not as "Normal" with 14pt bold Arial, as an example) and that you create a good template

3: try some of the free or cheap solutions for converting.  through a search with Google I found:

good luck.
the easiest way to do this is to go to file->save as and then choose from the drop-down list 'html document'
Dear Jones,
Yeah this is the easiest way to convert DOC file to HTML file but still if U have some problems then just copy the whole matter & paste it to any of the HTML editor that will definately work with little changes.

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SJonesAuthor Commented:
I know I can do that but it failes to retain some of the format and also looses any text contained within frames.
As it's a 200+ page document I don't want to have to go into every page individually and re format everything.

I've heard that Hotmetal Pro can import .DOC files.  Is this any better than the default "Save as .HTML" in word?
I also heard of somewhere it's this place that gives tips on using Word.  There are actually some undocumented shortcuts you can use to do simple things.  Unfortunately I lost the location of the page... hang on a sec... It's in my bolt email account I'll check it...
nup sorry I have to wait for their new mail system to go up
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