Hi All!

I need to interface with SW already available. (source is not)
I start by obtaining a pointer to the Listview control as follows:

CWnd* pApp = FindWindow(NULL,WindowTitle);
CWnd* pTmp = pApp->GetWindow(GW_CHILD);
CListCtrl* pListView = (ListCtrl*)pTmp->GetWindow(GW_CHILD);

Then I count the items using GetItemCount() (successfully)

The problem arises when I try to find an item using FindItem(&lvInfo)
lvInfo is previously defined as
LV_FINDINFO lvinfo      = {0};
lvinfo.flags = LVFI_PARTIAL | LVFI_STRING;
lvinfo.psz = psItem;

FindInfo refuses to return nothing but -1 allthough the item is present.

Any help apreciated.
Best Regards / Marcus
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xflmlowAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Sorry, you just can't do this.

COMCTL32.DLL owns the window in question; it's a common control. COMCTL32.DLL is mapped into the other process--that process owns the window and the strings within it.

Unless you can own that process (eg, start it as a debugee) you can't own the memory that process owns--and therefore can't reliably access the string in question.

You need to find a more reliable way to exchange data between processes.

..B ekiM

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xflmlowAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input mikeblas!

I accept the fact that I do not own the window in question, what I do not understand is why I'm permitted to count and even  delete items from the list (flawlessly), when I can't search it.

Can someone explain that?

The problem is moving memory from one process to another. Moving a value, as in a return code, isn't a problem.

..B ekiM
xflmlowAuthor Commented:
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