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Reads only parts of the code instead of the program

When I moved my cgi files to another server, instead of running the program correctly, they just show part of the code. It looks like it is just reading html. Is there a server configuration which I need to tell the ISP about?
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Which system do they use?

Perhaps you have just rename your scripts?
From xxx.cgi to xxx.pl or the other way round.

Are you sure that it allowed to use perl?
also make sure the perl declaration at the top of the script is still pointing to where perl is
ie #!/usr/local/bin/perl instead of #!/usr/bin/perl etc...

Typically web servers are setup to do one of two things:

i) Serve cgi's only from a "cgi-bin" directory.

ii) Serve cgi's only with a specific extension.

You are most likely falling into one of the two traps.  Depending on wether its an NT or UNIX system will depend on the what needs changing... Ensure your files are set to executable if you are on a UNIX system.... If you have not renamed your files then you most likely suffer from i) and need to contact your ISP.

But whatever,  the web server no longer accepts your file is a script and is simply processing the html.... it is 95% likely the server config. must change....
budginAuthor Commented:
It was (i). You mean you don't have to chmod on NT

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