I wish to interface a video camera with my computer. I have a program for the video camera that can capture and take video clips. I want to run the program in the background and wish to get the images anone in the forground which will be a VB proogram. The VB program has a picture box whr the video clips should be shown as and when the pictures are taken. The video camera program can run in the background but the images should be shown in the VB program. Something like Adobe acrobat files being read in IE5.
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GogmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings PraKash!

You are in luck, there are some wonderful sample programs around dealing with VB and video capture.

E.J. Bantz has done some very very cool work with VB and Video for Windows. He has shared his work at

Both the simple and advanced sample applications can be used as a great foundation for your video capture application.


You might want to look at these ActiveX controls:

More Twain info can be found at:

TWAIN is the standard used by most video cameras, digital cameras, and scanners.

DOSADI has a free version of EZTWAIN you can use, but I am not sure if it is powerful enough for what you are doing:

Let me know if these help.

Well, the easiest way would be to use SendKeys to image software to save the image to disk, then use LoadPicture to load the picture into the picturebox...

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