I want CD drivers - Please.

I have a cd-rom which does not appear to be supported by win95/98, and when I installed drivers that for some other CD I found they did not work.  Is there a place where I can get drivers for all sorts of other cds.

Note:  this thing is a 94 model.. with no distinguishing marks, except an old sticker with BAA on it.  I cant even tell what make it is.
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How can you tell if it's not supported?  I dont believe you need to have drivers installed for the cdrom..it should be automatically detected by windows95/98 upon bootup.  Have you checked your bios to ensure that it is detected?  When you first turn on your computer, you should see something on the screen with text referring to an ATAPI cdrom or something similar.

Why not purchase a new cdrom?  They cost roughly around $50...if even that.

You can try http://www.drivershq.com/mainhome.html.  They have a comprehensive list of manufacturers of cdroms...but if you have no distinguishing marks on your cdrom, you're in a tough spot.  You might be able to find some "generic" drivers
LeishaAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry I have to reject that answer.  As I know this cd actually works.  It was running in a scsi system.  With the scsi at the bootable and the cdrom running of the sound card.  The scsi hard drive carked it, and I had not been able to get the drivers of the scsi before it happend.

I am now alternatively seeking drivers to run the sound card in the hope that it will run along with an IDE hard drive.

Please not that the computer will not boot when the two are on the same hard drive cable, no matter what jumper settings I have.  But it will boot when situated on the sound card alone.  So I'm figuring ... get the ancient sound card to run, and I might be able to get the cd to work.

And... why dont I buy a new cdrom?  It's not my machine, and the lady who's it is cant afford it.
If it was running off the sound card, then it was likely a proprietary interface, not a standard IDE port, on the sound card.  So it HAS to run off the sound card interface, not as an IDE device alongside your hard drive.  You can find out more information on what kind of CD-ROM drive it is by checking the FCC ID database at


(assuming the FCC ID is still on the CD).

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The CD isn't IDE is the reason it won't run with the hard drive. So the drivers you are looking for is the sound card first and then the CD.
If you can determine the brand, and the suggestion Drittich made is a good way to do it, you will be able to build the config.sys and autoexec.bat files to run it.

Can you id the sound card? Getting it working is first and then you may have to experiment with a buch of CD drivers till you find one that works. There wasn't many back then so Sony, Mitsumi, or Panasonic drivers is probably what you will find to make it work.
what kind of computer is this?????
Do you know what make of sound card it was running from? You will need to reattach it to the sound card, then install the drivers for that. Try http://www.winfiles.com. They have a drivers section with links to nearly every piece of kit under the sun. You should be able to find the drivers there. Hope that helps.
I have a Creative sound card that can slave a CD.
Try www.creative.com
Tell me Your e-mail address and I will e-mail to You the evaluation of the program called "CDROM God". This program contains over 50 types of CDROM drivers and I believe you should be able to find the correct one for You.
I had that problem last week:

1. Get into your machine's BIOS and check if the detect any plug and play hardware option is active.

2. Let win95/98 setup your sound card or do it by your self in the control panel-add new hardware icon (I am assuming that you have the drivers for the sound card).

3. Reboot your machine.

4. Let win95/98 detect your cd-rom.

If the sound card controls your CD-ROM, the step #4 should be enough. Please, tell me if the problem is solved.
But it has to be hooked up to the sound card or it will not work at all.
also, chances are, if this cd-rom is hooked to the soundcard like many back in the day, it is not plug and play comliant and wont be detected.  

Leisha, if you are still here, what is the manufacturer of this computer?
LeishaAuthor Commented:
To every one involved, thanks for the comment.

I paid this question as it was the closest to the issue.

I ended up sorting out the problem my self.

As you will have noted, I mentioned in my own message that I figured I had to get the Sound card drivers.

Here is how I did it for any one that care to use this info later.

Machine. IPEX 486 12 mb ram (Stop laughing!)

Sound (not sure) carries both OPTi and Analog Devices chips.

However, I ended up going to the OPTi home home pages and found the driver for the opti chip.  This solved the problem. www.opti.com

CD rom: Masushita  (so the card software tells me now) Yes, proprietary!

Any how the Sound card drivers had the cd drivers included.  so problem fixed.

I tried to get online yesterday, but the server was so slow I was unable to post a response.

Thanks to every one for your comments.
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