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I am learning Frontpage, and have used Pagemill a much simpler program. I cannot for some reason, with the help section nor the book, to get to page two when I double click the “genie.gif.  I can go to each page seperately through both IE5 and the latest Netscape. When I try with the genie.gif, I get a blank page and no url showing on the top. The Url shows when the cursor is over the genie.

file:///C:/Program files/WebTOOLBAR/Pageset1/ (location of the pages and image directories).

It contains:


When I put the cursor over the genie the following appears:
file:///c:/program files/webtoolbar/pageset1/page2.html When I double click, a blank page shows up with "page cannot be displayed" I have done it with the ISP connected and without it connected. Tried it in the preview mode also.

To me everything else of what I have read seems at least from my readings fairly simple.

PAGE PROPERTIES when I click on the image.gif
Spanish Tool Bar
file:///c:/program files/webtoolbar/pageset1/index.htm
file:///C:/Program Files/WebTOOLBAR/Pageset1/


          <form METHOD="POST" target="c://program%29files/webtoolbar/pageset1/page2.htm"
          action="--WEBBOT-SELF--" onSubmit>
<p><a href="file:///c:/program%20files/webtoolbar/pageset1/page2.html"><input TYPE="image"
            alt="GENIEG.GIF" width="112" height="106"></a><a <a
note: undse scr: it refers to to be under Microsoft FrontPage, and the complete program is under:

note page1 does not exist

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to avoid this problem do as below:

if you have :

 |_ genie.gif



to link index with test use
<a href="test.htm">Click Me</a>

<a href="file:///c:/program%20files/webtoolbar/pageset1/test.htm">

if you want to show an image inside a subfolder write:
<img src="images/genie.gif">

actually, front page will do that automatically for you .. but after saving the page.
gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Well since you were the first one to answer and so quickly, I would before I unfreeze this to others work with you. First do you have alot of experience wit FrontPage?

If you give me your E-Mail address, I can supply you screen captured parts, that will tremendously help. Unfortunately this site does not have an attach feature. By the way, I use a screen capture program that can capture drop down menues. I use this to teach my clients about some programs and provide them a visual reference. Some people learn faster in this manner.

Thanks again for answering so fast. If I get past this point wh i have worked on for a long time, the balance seems easy. Had used PageMill before but is is too basic. A good beginners program for schools.
gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Oh, I am confused with your answer, but at least you have the initiative. According to the help section and book, one should do it easily.
Sonmehow I should go to Edit hyperlink, or hiperlink, which both show on top "image" and at the bottom http:\\ 
Heck if you get me past this point I may give you some more points, since it frustrates me dearly.
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gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
After looking at the answer carefully, and the test, one should not have to go to the HTML code to accomplish the task, since if one has a hundred pages, it would be a tremendous task. As I said, I do offer to send captured templates if anyone would like them.
gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Well now inthe Front Page editor, I have under'normal' a genie, and under that a hot 'Page2'.When I go to preview, I get the second page. Using the website I get a blank page when I am connected to the ISP. The 'page2' does not show up which is fine.
Unless I've missed the point entirely don't you just click on the image in FP Editor so that it is highlighted and then click on the hyperlink button on the toolbar and select the destination file (URL)

gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Just found my answer before coming back to the site. The trick was just to open front page editor and front page explorer. Sudenenly page along with other pages appeared. Went backed and removed the icon completely since it was somehow refering to some obscure temp file, pasted it again and then did the above and it linked!!!! Only took 24 hours, maybe I should have read that book more carefully. thanks all for everything.
so did any of the above comments help?

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gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Heck, whe in doubt read the book! In setting up production lines, we used always contract the individual companies to set up the equipment, we only did the configurations, some mechanical design and heavy into the functionality including giving out recipies under confidentiality agreements and used software integrators, to use the very detailed operating specifications. Only time I started to read up on something when I was debugging say a 400 foot line.

Thanks again!!!!!
Or as they say here


Read the F***** Manual <grin>

Regards and Good luck

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