I'm one day new with flash and I would like to know, if you want to add a jpeg to a flash movie should you convert it to a different format and if so which one?  I can not seem to get a jpeg to fade in versus just appearing.
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simonokConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure what version your using but anyway.

1.Import your jpg
2.Create a graphic symbol(insert/create symbol)
3.Edit the symbol
4.Hit Ctrl + L to get Library window open (if its not already)
5. Drag your jpg into display area.
6. Go back to your movie
7. Drag symbol onto stage.
8. further along the timeline insert a keyframe F6
9 Go back to the 1st frame and right click on the jpg.
10. Set the colour effect Alpha to 0%
11. go to the last frame and do the same but set the alpha to 100%
12. go back to the 1st frame and right click on the cell and select properties/tweening/motion.
13. You should now have a fade in effect.

Jpg`s are fine to use in flash, but if you can use vector based graphics like adobe illustrator or drawing in flash itself.

andrivAuthor Commented:
simonok, thanks!!  The problem was I was leaving out the part of changing it to a symbol.

I have no experiance with adobe illustrator or vector based graphics.  Can a jpeg be converted to vector base?  Is adobe illustrator the only program which can make vector base and what extensions are vector base?

Thank you for your help thus far!
It all depends on what the bitmap picture is. If its a photograph of a face then this would look poor converted to vectors.

if however it is flat images such as a logo like `apple` logo then this would be perfect as a vector.

Adobe do a program that converts bitmaps into vectors called streamline. I think you can download a demo version from their website

However if you are just learning flash mabee you should`nt worry about the bitmap/vector issue.

There are quite a lot of vector based drawing programs and Illustrator, Flash, Freehand, Corel Draw and plenty of other`s out there.

The reason I mention this is that the drawing environment in Fash is pants (crap)So most people do elements in illustrator (or such program) and tie it together in Flash.

andrivAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for all your help!!!
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