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i recently had to restore doing so i lost all my downloaded info sucha as email addresses and a lot of bookmarks, do i download this info to a disc so i can restore it again if my system is deleted?
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DjamonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using Outlook then you can Export your mail messages to a .pst file. In Outlook 2000 you select Import and Export from the file menu and then go to Export to File and then to Export Personal Folder (.pst). I imagine its a similar process for earlier versions. Also if you can't achieve this there is another way. Do a find for a *.pst files on your machine. These file are you personal folder and ewmail messages. When restoring just copy this file back or import and browse to that file. Also you can back up your offline messages by searching for *.ost file and save you Address Book enntries by searching for and backing up *.PAB files. These files are usually in the Windows or Office directory. I've seen it differ with different versions of Outlook.

To save your boomarks just copy your favorites folder in your Windows directory to disk and copy it back to your Windows directory if you need to restore.
gulfcoastmanAuthor Commented:
somewhat technical, and not as ez as i thought......but, at least some of it is possible for me to do/understand....

thank you  
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