bios blues

I am trying to upgrade my bios. I have a Gateway PII 350 running win 98. My bios version is 4M4PB0X1.15A.0012.P06 dated 4/9/98. I contacted Gateway and a tech told me to download Intel Phoenix Tabor II. I downloaded and on installation I got the following Error (H31) Logical area size does not match BIOS. This was followed by (H48) Invalid registered string in flash image header. Followed by (H01) The flash data image read from disk was found not to be valid. Flash update was unsuccessful.
Thankfully all still is well with my computer. I called Gateway and another tech suggested trying to find VP08A.exe and try that. I can't find it anywhere. He was not prepared to go any further as Gateway is reluctant to support flash upgrades.
Can anyone help me with this upgrade or let me know definitively that I should not try further.
SISOFTSANDRA suggests I upgrade my bios.
Thanks and awaiting a reply. A virtual Gouda cheese and 200 points to you from the Netherlands.
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larrypaloozaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Upgrade your BIOS to what end?  Is there a problem?

Stay away from flashing your BIOS unless critical, and be
prepared to purchase a new MoBo, cause you'll probably
screw up.
If you are dealing with a Phonenix Bios than go to microfirmware at
Have your motherboard number and bios number and I'm sure you will find what you need. I upgraded my micron with a Phonenix Bios from this company. It was also recommended to me from Micron

Good Luck
dont take 2 much notice of sandra as it also sujested upgrading my bios on a brand new realese mobo which is newer the sandra
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Ik lust geen Gouda kaas...

davidtooAuthor Commented:
Sorgie, thanks for the prompt reply. I didn't find anything at that remotely came close to my motherboard or bios numbers.
Trawling the web for my motherboard number, MP440BX, I found it on a list of retired Intel motherboards. Does this mean anything?
Any other ideas where this illusive bios might be updated?
davidtooAuthor Commented:
from the toe I stuck in the bios stream I feel I probably have received sage advice and a helpful answer from larrypalooza. Thanks from keeping me out of trouble.
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