Where are Com Ports ?

Settin up new PC box with WIN95/OSR2, Modem installed, drivers installed, NO IRQ conflicts. When modem is queried thru Control Panel/System/Device. WIN95
gives message "CANNOT READ PORT NAME FROM REGISTRY"  What's going on?
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BigMarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this an internal or external modem?

If internal - remove all com ports from device manager, modem card and modem entry in device manager.  Reboot.  Do you have com ports found and working ok?
If so try reinstalling the modem, then note what port id and system resources windows configures for the modem.  Chances are the card is configuring as Com3/IRQ4.  This will conflict with a serial mouse in com1.  If the modem card has hardware jumpers look for unused IRQ's in device manager/computer and hardware jumper the card to match that setting.  Then adhust properties of the com port or modem to reflect this change - it should work.

If external - try plugging another device into the com port (such as a mouse) - does this work?
Either the device has not had a port assigned to it, or it has been assigned a port that already exists.

Make sure that you checked the "Other Devices" for a PCI Modem or some other entry that resembles a modem. Your modem may be tied to that. Delete the "PCI Modem" or whatever in the "Other Devices" in Device Manager. Then remove your Winmodem Modem settings from the Modem area. Then shut down, power off, and reboot. It should detect the modem now, if not you could be having some hardware problems or Plug and Play is not set for the OS in your BIOS.

Is this a Winmodem by USR, or one that uses a Rockwell or Lucent chipset? If so, the above may be the case or it could be defective?
growteaAuthor Commented:
thanx BIGMARK . . . you & CABLE4096 were an immense help.
My Modem is Internal, PCIl, Conexant [Phoebe] K56v90 data/fax/speakerphone. I still have problems now in other areas...moan. And, I'm not a *newbie* at doing this kind of stuff. But this brand new do-it-yourself Screamer SCSI PC-Box
I'm building . . . has been my *Waterloo*
I'm grateful & appreciative for Expert-Exchange.com & good
helpful folks like y'all.
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