ComboBox(Dropdown) values from Match in StringGrid

I have a form with a ComboBox and a StringGrid. The stringgrid gets populated from an INIFile. When a user clicks on a Combobox, the entries from the first column (a file name) is placed in the combobox. The second StringGrid part of the grid is a path string. I need to append this path, with the new value listed in Combox Box. So if I need to launch the file, the path is found, plus the name of the file is added. I have tried this but it fails:
(ListGrid.Cells[0,I] = ComboBox1.Text)

Any Ideas?
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Give us a code sample, please !!
The line fails (I assume to compile) because there is a syntax error:

ListGrid.Cells[0,I] = ComboBox1.Text

should be

ListGrid.Cells[0,I] := ComboBox1.Text;

Your description is hard to understand...

Does that help? If not can you describe in more detail what the problem is...


routerboy309Author Commented:
I left off the ; sorry. Here is a cut and paste of portions:

from the INI File,


and is read/stored in the StringGrid here:

from the ShowForm of the EXE:

 for J := 0 to RowCount + (Rowcount + 1) do
         for K := 0 to Colcount + (ColCount + 10) do
            Cells[J, K] := IniFile.ReadString(ListGrid.Name, Format('Cell%d-%d', [J,K]), '');

Then from the ComboBox, I use:

 with MainForm.ListGrid do begin

to populate the ComboBox.

Click on the ComboBox, and the DropDown fires getting the value of Column 0, passing it to the Combox Box like a list.

Now that the ComboBox has the value (in this case - Test.exe), I need to append that value, with the path that is listed in the correct part of the string grid. This is what I don't understand how to do.

I have a button that will run the exe. I plan on doing a shellexecute (and I have a sample of that code.) So I need to get an sample of how to get the value of the path, added to the first column. How this helps?
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Is this what you mean:

ThePathIWant := ListGrid.Cells[1, ComboBox.ItemIndex]+'\'+ComboBox.Text;



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I agree with Raymond.

You don't say whether you are a beginner or not. Sometimes it will help if you do so..

Text property of a TComboBox can be retrieved when you set the Style property to csDropDown but not csDropDownList.
If you set the Style property to csDropDownList, you can use AComboBox.Items.Strings[AComboBox.ItemIndex] to get the selected text.
routerboy309Author Commented:
I don't concider myself a beginner, not certainly not an expert (maybe above beginner, and almost in the range of intermediate). Thanks for the help. It work as I needed.
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