excel - get row/column info

I am creating an application in which I need to open an existing excel document. I need to go through the document and get the column string values of column 1 thru 9 of each row and store those values in a two dimentional array. if there a blank value in the first column of any row, that indicates the last row.

Please provide sample code.

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This procedure should do it...

sub fillarray()
  dim r as long
  dim c as long
  dim arr() as variant
  dim ws as worksheet

  set ws=activesheet

    for c=1 to 9
      if ws.cells(r,1)="" then exit do
      redim preserve arr(1 to r,1 to 9)
    next c
end sub

Ture Magnusson
Karlstad, Sweden

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Another way to try is add a data control to a form and use the following:

Dim UserData()
Dim Maxdata As Long
Dim x As Integer, y As Integer
Data1.RecordsetType = 0
Data1.DatabaseName = "Path\ExcelName.xls"
Data1.RecordSource = "SheetName" & "$"
Data1.Connect = "Excel 8.0;" ' or whatever version you are using
Data1.Options = 0

' Determine the number of rows
 MaxRow = Data1.Recordset.RecordCount
' 9 Columns, MaxRow Rows of Data
ReDim UserData(0 To 8, 0 To MaxRow - 1)

' Build the temp array to hold the data
x = 0
Do Until Data1.Recordset.EOF
  If Data1.Recordset(0) <> "" Then ' check for column headings
   For y = 0 To 8
     UserData(y, x) = Data1.Recordset(y)
   Next y
   x = x + 1
  End If

And if you do want to check for the blank first column add:
If Data1.Recordset(0) = " " Then
    Exit Do
End If
dhamijapAuthor Commented:
I tried your answer. It works but does not get me through all the rows. I needed it to go thru 9 columns and 10 rows, which are in my test files.
Can you please tell me how do I get to the rows as well?


I am working from your code to see if it will get me what i want.


Sorry. I didn't test run my previously posted code and I forgot that a 'Redim Preserve' will not be able to change the first dimension of an array, the way I tried to do.

This code is faster and more compact. And it works well. Yes - I have tested it this time.

Sub FillArray()
  Dim ws As Worksheet
  Dim r As Long
  Dim arr As Variant

  Set ws = ActiveSheet
  Do Until ws.Cells(r + 1, 1) = ""
    r = r + 1
  If r > 0 Then arr = ws.Cells(1, 1).Resize(r, 9)
End Sub

dhamijapAuthor Commented:

I have acomplished what I was looking for by using both answers from you. I would say that it really made me think and tought me very well. Thanks a lot.


I liked your answer as well. I will do it in both ways. I could not give you points. How ever I am ceating a simple question for you to get you 25 points.
Please answer that so that i can give you the points.

the question is :
How can I use the sheet tab name dynamicall in the applicaiton and what does "$" do at the end?

Data1.RecordSource = "SheetName" & "$"

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